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Beauty Bound Aesthetic Co.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Available in 3 levels 

-Express: 1 round of peroxide for touch ups or a quick brightening treatment 

-Signature: 2 rounds of peroxide and a pre-treatment

-Deluxe: 3 rounds of peroxide, pre treatment and an aftercare bag!

Our peroxide based gel is safe and gentle enough for sensitive teeth. we replace the gel often enough to maintain efficacy in product to see the best results. It will not cause any long term sensitivity. Mild sensitivity is normal directly after treatment, we don't recommend exposing teeth to extreme temperatures. 

Teeth whitening is also not ideal for Veneers, caps, braces, or tooth gems, it will not whiten the teeth underneath any blockage. Our formulas are also not made to whiten veneers or caps any material that is not a natural tooth.

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